The The cost of your care will be dependent on your needs  and Assessments . As a general guide, Angels Care fees are generally comparable with the price of a good care home; however, that’s where the comparison ends. Our live-in care provides full-time one-to-one tailored support in your own home’s comfort and safety.

Angels Private Home Care fees cover the full service and go towards providing exceptional care. 


The exact costs of your care will be dependent on your needs. We will be able to indicate the price of your care following the initial consultation once we have visited your home for a full no-obligation assessment. 


Comparison Between live-in care and a Residential Care Home  

It is challenging to directly compare the cost of live-in care and a residential care home. Although ultimately they both provide peace of mind for you, your family, or loved ones, they achieve this in a very different way.

The fully managed Live-in care service that Angels Private Home-care provides for a single person is roughly around the same cost of a good care home. However, ‘NO PLACE LIKE HOME’ …Living in care offers care in their own home environment where clients are more comfortable, confident and secure. 

The one-to-one care, benefit of remaining independent, active in the community, freedom of choice and avoiding the stress of separation while staying in the comfort of your own home means that Live-in care’s value, far outweighs that of Residential care. 

Live-in Care for couples can be very cost-effective when compared to residential care. In most cases, care home fees for two will be double the price of a single placement, meaning that Live-in care for couples can be significantly cheaper than residential care. 


There is enough evidence to say that among the elderly, more incidences of falls are encountered in an alternate accommodation when compared to their own homes. 

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